27 December 2016

Whether you like it or not, the 2016 is coming to an end. This time we videoed just one damsel, Miu Akemi. She has sharp eyes, and is attractive damsel.

8 December 2016

Today, it's a little cold. It's been warm for the last few days. That makes us feel the cold even more.
This time we videoed two damsels, Kou Asumi and Rino Haruna.

24 November 2016
There was an earthquake in the Touhoku region just before six o'clock. I was suprised, even it's a weak quake.
This time we videoed two damsels, Kou Asumi and Niko Ayuna.
8 November 2016
Before I knew it, the season has become cold from hot.
This time we shot just an actress, Kou Asumi. Because she has a nice bottom, we shot many photos and videos from back of her.
19 October 2016
The season when we can feel comfortable has come at last . It sure makes moving with the heavy suitcase easy.
This time new actress are three , Shiho Egami, Arare Nishiguchi, Yuri Shinomiya.
29 September 2016
We're having a spell of hot and humid weather in Japan.
We filmed movies with two actress, Misato Nonomiya and Haruna Kousaka.
Haruna, new actress, looks good in sailor costume.
8 September 2016
The typhoon season has come in Japan, caused a lot of crop damage. Under these circumstances, we had to postpone our plans.
This time, appeared model was Misato Nonomiya only one, but we enjoyed savoring her bondage.
27 July 2016
Two actress, An Takase and Kurumi Tamaki appeared on this site. An Takase is a gentle and sexy woman, and Kurumi Tamaki is a girlish and mischievous girl. We enjoyed shooting of two kind of damsels.
30 June 2016
The weather has been very changeable in these days, so I must be of two minds about clothes. As the actress was only one in this time, we had enough time to shot, and never feel all worn out.
27 May 2016
The season in Tokyo has changed into hot a bit from cool before I knew it.
This time, we shot two actress, Nagomi and Mirai Arisu. Mirai's well built and voluptuous girl, and when she was tied, the ropes cut into her body.
3 April 2016
In Japan, We can enjoy watching cherry bloom.
March shooting, staring Arisa and Nagomi.
Nagomi is the first appearance on this site. She is placid and enthusiastic actress.
27 Febuary 2016
The second shooting in this year was two damsels, staring Arisa Seina and Miko Hanyu.
Miko is full of fun and mischief. According her talking, she does love bound and gagged and huge fan of masochism.
21 January 2016
The first shooting in this year was a string of bad luck for us.
The public transportin Tokyo turned into a Chinese fire drill because of snowfall.
We managed to mop up the schdule of shooting on that day.
Staring actress are Arisa Seina and Koko Nanahara.
 17 December 2015
In this month, we did 7 stories shooting.
Staring actress are Arisa Seina and Neko Aino.
"Sister", "Who are you?", "Sailor girls detective", "Fugitive" , Drunk", "Back home", "Changing colthes".